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Firms sign new agreements with French nuclear companies

Updated: 2015-07-12 14:24
(China Daily Europe)

The latest milestone in civil nuclear collaboration between France and China powered up on June 30, when major French nuclear firms EDF and Areva and Chinese companies CGN and CNNC signed several agreements during the visit of Chinese Premier Li Keqiang to France.

A letter of intent was signed between Areva, CGN and EDF on establishing a long-term partnership in medium- and high-power reactors, based in part on experience from Taishan Phase 1 in China's Guangdong province, where Areva has supplied 1,750 megawatt European pressurized reactor units. The Taishan plant is owned by a joint venture in which EDF has a minority stake.

A memorandum of understanding signed between Areva and CNNC marks a new step in a Chinese project for a used fuel processing and recycling facility. It formalizes the end of technical discussions, defines the schedule for commercial negotiations, and confirms the willingness of both groups to quickly finalize the deal.

Areva also signed an agreement with CNNC covering the entire fuel cycle, enlarging and deepening existing areas of cooperation.

And with Areva's support, one area EDF and CNNC plan to study is the area of industrial procurement in relation to reactors.

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