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Xi: Wipe out judicial corruption

Updated: 2014-01-09 07:19
( China Daily)

President Xi Jinping called for a zero-tolerance approach toward corruption in the political and legal systems on Wednesday and said any "black sheep must be removed".

"We need to wipe out corruption in the political and legal systems with the greatest determination and firmest action," he said.

Xi made the comments during a central political and legal work meeting held from Tuesday to Wednesday in Beijing.

At the meeting, Xi said every official must be fully aware that the nation's laws are the bottom line that cannot be breached.

He warned officials not to exercise power not granted to them by law, adding that any attempt by an official to put their power above the law or to bend the law for selfish ends is a serious offense.

The Communist Party of China has stepped up and hastened its fight against corruption since the Party's new leadership was elected in November 2012. At least 18 officials at or above the ministerial level have been investigated since then.

Among them was Li Dongsheng, former vice-minister of public security, who was under investigation for "suspected serious disciplinary violations" - a term that generally means he is suspected of graft - according to an official circular on Dec 25.

At the meeting that ended on Wednesday, Xi also advised the political and judicial systems that the core value of their work is to achieve social fairness and justice.

"We shall make the public feel that their rights and interests are fairly treated and properly protected," he said.

Xi ordered officials in the political and legal system to "carry the sword of justice and scale of equality" and take pragmatic actions to safeguard social justice and equality while solving major issues that harm the interests of the public.

He insisted that the abuse of power, wrongful judgments, emergencies that the police do not respond to and the inability of individuals to afford a court hearing should not be allowed to happen.

Xi also called on the Party to have greater control in the country's political and legal affairs, urging a balance between "vitality and order".

"The Party should ensure the enforcement of the law and set an example in abiding by the law," he said, adding that political and legal work should be conducted with an aim to safeguard Party policies and the authority of the law.

The president stressed that the balance between national stability and people's interests must be managed effectively.

He said ensuring social stability is the basic task of the country's political and legal systems.

China Daily - Xinhua