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China, Finland team up to spur innovation

(China Daily) Updated: 2012-12-06 07:58

Located at the heart of the Baltic Sea region, Helsinki, the capital of Finland, offers access to a dynamic market of 100 million people.

International companies have long looked to Helsinki because of its prime location and the ease of doing business there.

They also value the city's culture of innovative thinking and its high quality of life.

Helsinki's international airport offers some of the fastest routes between Asia and Europe, making Helsinki one of the region's most important business hubs.

The city is built to support business through its effective infrastructure in transportation, telecomm, utilities, office space and public services, which are stable and competitively priced.

In Helsinki, a willingness to rethink business, entrepreneurship and technology is a product of high-quality education and Finland's world-renowned $12 billion annual innovation system.

China-Finland Golden Bridge enables Chinese companies to thrive in Helsinki, Finland and the EU.

Established in 2011 and supported by both the governments of both countries, it is a transparent service organization that aims to identify complementary elements between Chinese and Finnish innovation companies by arranging matchmaking events.

Several Chinese companies have already set up shop in Helsinki with the help of Golden Bridge.

One of the highlights this year is the ZPark Software Park in Greater Helsinki, which will help Chinese companies start businesses and locate their R&D units in Finland.

Also, Bank of China and the Finnish Pohjola Bank have jointly opened a China Desk operation in both countries to help Chinese companies come to Finland and vice versa.

These are just the first of many success stories to come, representatives of the organization say. The Golden Bridge is creating a catalyst for joint innovation between China and Finland.

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