Phoenix rising

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Phoenix rising

Tales of gold

Broken heart bangle

Among Lao Feng Xiang’s bestselling products, its bangle featuring a dragon and phoenix has extraordinary significance because it has been listed as a national intangible cultural heritage.

The bangles are seen as an auspicious symbol to bless newly-weds. A popular story among Lao Feng Xiang’s employees is about an elderly couple from Cixi of Zhejiang province, who divorced just ahead of their 50th wedding anniversary.

Both of them regretted their hasty decision, and when the husband tried to win his wife back, the woman asked him to buy her a 50-gram bangle with the dragon and phoenix on it so they could mend their broken marriage. But the maximum weight of bangles made by Lao Feng Xiang was 30 grams. In order to satisfy the couple, Lao Feng Xiang’s craftsmen made a 50-gram bangle specially to help the two get back together.

Five bars of gold

A 70-year-old man visited Lao Feng Xiang’s Caohejing branch before a Chinese New Year, as he wanted to give each of his five grandchildren a bar of gold with the year of the horse symbol on it.

It is a Chinese New Year tradition to give gold bars with the Chinese Zodiac on them to children. Due to such tradition, the Horse gold bar was already sold out. The then marketing manager Wang Ensheng immediately made a decision to ask the workshop make five extra golden bars for the customer. More than three hours, the five bars of gold, still warm from the fire, were sent to the customer.


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