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East China
  Dowry becomes high tech in newlywed households
  Man gets execution stay to visit wife, son
  Mum tiger tuckers out and goes back home
  Smallest woman now a bit taller, thanks
  Girl cries about loot she found
  These water springs are a real gas
  Couples 'kiss' their way to photo discount
  Bloodthirsty predator still on the loose
  Student invention paves way for colourblind
  Gas air conditioner is 'green' and cool
  Taiwan mother receives lots of mum's day cards
  Baby models wanted: Three-year-olds OK
  Shanghai touted as China's most livable
  Man saves woman after fifth-floor plunge
  Global positioning to be installed on boats
  Woman sues family for saying she's nuts
  High schoolers told hours to be limited
  Bamboo and belts save couple from watery grave
  Chewing gum serves for tooth extraction
  Woman shot for shadowboxing
  Outdated mobile phones donated to the elderly
  New angled desk solves growth issue
  Dispute over mother's ashes
  Kidney holding capacity surprises doctors
  Retired doctor creates chopstick dancing
  Ginseng bears fruit after years soaking in wine
  Money-like flyers cause traffic jam
  Police call access in different languages
  Woman pregnant despite contraception surgery
  Bad habits may cause cancer in later life
  Father flies to curb girl's Internet romance
  Plane stops halfway to treat ill passenger
  Fat dog undergoes Caesarean operation
  Locked-out lady has a chat
  Student lured by new nose
  Store promotion leads to fight
  Weiqi champion dies of heart attack
  Owner compensates for dog hair blocking sewer
  Man making false terror threats caught
  Complaints of handset quality on rise
  Swallows bring business for restaurant
  Vendors use poisonous liquid to shave poultry
  Student sues bank for discrimination
  Hundreds keen to be kindergarten teachers
  HIV treatment covered by social insurance
  A world first: Kite made of camel bones
  Telephone time leads to family quarrel
  Safety overseas is parents' top concern
  Overweight students not 'excellent'
  Loyalty-testing messages land wife in dilemma
  Replacement gambler loses money, pays fine
  Girl tries to find partner for mother
  Baboon king dethroned after fierce battle
  Pickpockets' photos posted at metro station
  Farmer to preserve specimen of sea turtle
  Coloured balls to warn of weather extremes
  Thrifty teenager swallows 80 tablets
  Girl dials own phone to scare off burglar
  I did it for her, says cheating lover
  Wife refuses to pay fine for philanderer
  Ailing man's euthanasia plea turned down
  School plans wall for students to release stress
  Heavy iron gates stolen in residential area
  8m roses sold for Valentine's Day
  Elderly climb over park gate to exercise
  Cooking gas kills family of three at home
  Jilted husband attempts suicide from top of bridge
  Laid-off woman catches 76 thieves
  Students get paid for playing video games
  Obese girl fails to lose weight, goes crazy
  Dogs sniffing for explosives at stations
  Parents go to class to learn nursing babies
  Motorcyclist faints at the sight of accident
  Abandoned smart dog gets a lift on bus
  Kids fall ill as school reopening nears
  Lioness dies after eating plastic from visitors
  Ceiling not a safe place to hide money, after all
  Lewd cellphone thief scares away student
  Affair-revealing record lands phone firm in court
  Use luggage carts" Leave your passport
  ID-card check reveals woman's real age
  In-law sexually harasses man, wife okay with it
  Pupils afraid of talking to teachers
  Teen mother escapes criminal charges
  UV lights in cabs to stop epidemics
  Wrong surgery causes spread of cancer

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