Demonstrators take part in a protest against the US bombings in Syria outside the White House grounds on Saturday in Washington. Similar protests took place across North America and in major European cities.Mandel Ngan / Afp

Gambling in the cards for Hainan?

China's plans to further open its economy, including the latest measure to build Hainan island into an international free-trade zone, reaffirmed the country's commitment to market liberalization and its role as a key driver of global growth, experts said.


Services for foreigners to improve

China will improve services to attract foreign talent to study and work in the country, Vice-Minister of Science and Technology Zhang Jianguo said on Saturday.


Xi's community vision praised by many around globe

Senior foreign officials, scholars and media workers have hailed the vision outlined by President Xi Jinping - building a community of shared future for mankind - calling it a viable solution to the rising challenges that plague growth and development across the globe.


Strikes on Syria set a bad example in world politics

The military strikes the United States and its allies launched against government targets in Syria set a very bad example, circumventing the United Nations and making such military actions an option the world's superpower can use any time it wants against any country it doesn't like.


Journalists in Gaza strive to 'tell truth' despite danger

GAZA - Palestinian journalists have recently realized that they have become a target of Israeli soldiers while they were covering the mass protests on the border between the Gaza Strip and Israel.


Asset managers enter new era

China's 120 trillion yuan ($19 trillion) asset management segment, which comprises trust funds, insurance, securities, public and private funds, and commercial banks' wealth management products or WMPs, is on the cusp of a new era of tighter regulation and balanced growth free of systemic risks.


Pitch perfect

As he slowly lifts two valuable violins from their cases, a 1734 violin made by Giuseppe Guarneri and a 1699 violin made by Antonio Stradivari, both famous Italian violin makers, Chinese violinist Lyu Siqing tries to avoid touching the glossily varnished wood on the bodies of the musical instruments.


Warriors show they still have what it takes

OAKLAND, California - The Golden State Warriors had something to prove all right, and they plan to stay on top in these playoffs despite a disappointing finish to the regular season.