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By Aric S. Queen (cityweekend.com.cn)
Updated: 2008-05-13 10:02

If the name of Togo doesn't immediately denote minimalism, then the menu will. But what the owner does at his easy-to-miss burrito stand hiddenon Taikang Lu is make big burritos--and make them well.

The size of a grown man's foot and coming in varieties of veggie (RMB38), beef (RMB40), chicken (RMB45) fish and, erm, turkey (RMB48), these burritos have found their niche quite nicely amidst the throngs of over-priced coffee. We went back three times to taste the taco salad (RMB20), nachos (RMB38) and chili cheese fries (RMB30), but couldn't bring ourselves to order anything but the signature burritos.

Replace the movie-theater cheese and make the staff not paint their nails whilst working and they'd have themselves a goldmine. Offer up late-night delivery and they're looking at expanding all over town.

Add: No. 24B, 155 Jianguo Zhong Lu
Tel: 136-1182-6497


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