Dancing in the light of yin and yang

(China Daily)
Updated: 2008-05-13 09:25

A shining steel ball caught in the cracks of a crag reflects the sun; a tender, fresh flower, immersed in crystal water, glows with a mysterious, purple light; a blooming rosebud catches fire from above.

Alwin van der Linde, a Dutch-born Spanish artist, impresses viewers with his poetic photographic works, oil paintings and thought-provoking remarks.

The versatile artist, who crosses over many art genres, is holding a joint art show with Shao Hua, chairperson of Chinese Photographers Association, at the Beijing World Art Museum. On show are some 90 works of photography and oil paintings created by the two artists. In her works, Shao has successfully created images that allude to oil paintings, lithographs, relief works and even traditional paper cuttings.

Linde says Shao's innovative photographic works, featuring both Chinese and Western stage shows, "share so much with my works that try to break the boundaries of art genres".

Visitors marveled at his innovative creation of illusory beauty.

"Linde's pictorial rendering and personal interpretation of the images maintain a magic and artistic vibration that touch me deeply," says Yun Fei, an art critic in Beijing.

Some works, such as the Burning Rose Bud, puzzle the Chinese viewers. However, Linde declines to pinpoint the meaning of his paintings. "For me, art is more to raise questions than to give answers," he explains. "Our world is a mystery; our life is a mystery; art is a mystery; and my art is my way to explore the mysteries."

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