Why your trotters deserve more than a footnote

(China Daily)
Updated: 2008-05-14 09:02

While our hands may receive daily washing and moisturizing, feet and leg care tends to be an afterthought.

This is especially true in the cold-weather months when thick socks and heavy shoes are the rule and keep the feet and legs well concealed. But once winter is over, legs and feet are exposed for all to see.

Short skirts and open shoes expose the dry patches, bothersome cellulite and fungus skin. When these conditions occur, it's high time for a special beauty treatment to tackle the problem, and aesthetics is not the only reason to do so.

Britta John of Germany's Beauty Alliance, an association of perfumeries, says foot care should occur on a weekly basis and it should include trimming the nails and cuticles, removal of calluses and an application of moisturizer.

Beginning the regiment with the first rays of spring sunshine guarantees that open shoes can be worn on the first day of summer.

"Our feet do a lot for us and not only deserve to be spoiled, they also need to be spoiled," says Petra Mommert-Jauch, a German author of a book about healthy feet and legs.

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