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Law revision tightens check on administrative power

[2015-03-08 21:31]

A draft revision to China's Legislation Law bans ministries and local governments from issuing rules and policies that mitigate citizens' rights or increase their obligations without legal foundation.

China looks to law revision to ensure statutory taxation

[2015-03-08 21:25]

Statutory taxation was underlined by a draft revision to China's Legislation Law, submitted at the ongoing national legislative session Sunday.

China to speed up drafting anti-corruption law

[2015-03-08 16:19]

China plans to develop national legislation to fight corruption, according to a report delivered by top legislator Zhang Dejiang.

More Chinese cities to have legislative power

[2015-03-08 17:33]

A total of 284 Chinese cities may have the power to make local laws, according to a draft revision to the Legislation Law.

Political adviser: keep promoting the rule of law

[2015-03-08 10:14]

For law professor Hou Xinyi, the designation of Constitution Day in 2014 was the culmination of his years of efforts.

HK changes 'must move forward'

[2015-03-05 07:37]

The decision on Hong Kong's constitutional reform made on Aug 31 by the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress is "unshakable", Fu Ying, the NPC's spokeswoman, said on Wednesday.

US lawmakers 'fail to grasp China anti-terror law'

[2015-03-05 08:53]

Misunderstandings have arisen from US opposition to a Chinese draft law asking US corporations to disclose their security-related data, a spokeswoman for the annual session of China's top legislature said on Wednesday.

Courting change in China's judiciary

[2015-03-04 09:00]

The nation's legal eagles are assessing a series of far-reaching reforms to the legal system designed to improve the service and allow judges greater independence when hearing cases and reaching verdicts, as Cao Yin reports.