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Criminal cases of polluters up 8.5 times in China

[2015-03-12 10:05]

The number of criminal cases of polluters in China increased by 8.5 times in 2014, according to the work report of the Supreme People's Court.

Chief justice expresses self-reproach for wrongful convictions

[2015-03-12 09:42]

China's Chief Justice Zhou Qiang on Thursday expressed self-reproach for wrongful convictions and urged fellow judges to learn from them.

Legislation Law revision sparks heated debate

[2015-03-11 18:18]

Expanding power means giving more cities legislative authority, while restricting it means the boundary of the legislative authority for those 49 cities will be limited. The bone of contention focused on these two aspects when NPC deputies held panel discussions about draft revisions to the Legislation Law on Tuesday.

Lawyer wants disclosure of officials' assets

[2015-03-11 13:50]

Han Deyun started his law career in 1994, the year when China began to allow private law firms to operate, after quitting his teaching job at a law university in Southwest China's Chongqing municipality.

Grassroots judge carries dream on road

[2015-03-10 14:57]

Just like what Guo Xingli said in his previous speech titled "My dream, my road", promoting the rule of law in remote villages is more than a job for him - it is a lifetime pursuit.

Guangdong submits proposals to fill loopholes in prisons

[2015-03-11 13:07]

Prosecutors in Guangdong province have conducted a thorough investigation of prisons and have improved their oversight to prevent prison escapes, a senior officer from the Guangdong Provincial People's Procuratorate said.

Delegate recovers migrant workers' delayed salaries for free

[2015-03-10 21:13]

Since 2003, Qin's law office has helped some 20,000 farmer-turned workers recover more than 200 million yuan ($32 million) in delayed payments. "Someone called me 'silly' after learning I spend so much time and money helping strangers reclaim their salary," said Qin. "But pursuing justice is my responsibility as a lawyer. The value I realize cannot be measured by cash".

Perseverance proved vital in helping reverse injustice

[2015-03-10 18:22]

Tang Ji, the 58-year-old Xinhua reporter behind the reverse of his conviction, did nine years' tireless and largely unappreciated work to help restore Hugjiltu’s reputation.