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Law revisions to limit local governments

[2015-03-10 09:29]

Amendments to China's Legislation Law are expected to limit arbitrary administrative orders of local governments, according to law experts, Xinhua reported.

Outdated laws must be replaced, say experts

[2015-03-10 07:55]

Deputies of the National People's Congress and members of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference have called for the faster introduction of anti-corruption legislation to tackle the problem at the roots.

Rule of law finds public backing

[2015-03-10 07:55]

Being a legal reporter for about five years, I find it exciting when deputies in various industries are eager to share their views on judicial issues during the annual legislative and consultative meetings.

Law revision to make life simpler

[2015-03-09 17:39]

Although it is so high-profile a law, it is related to the life of everyone. Here comes the list of changes the revision will bring to our lives.

'Legal services can help rule of law'

[2015-03-09 14:08]

Better rule of law in the governments can be expected if lawyers or legal consultants are hired to provide their inputs in the running of the administration, a national political adviser said on Monday.

Big data
of law

[2015-03-09 14:52]

What does the rule of law mean to the Chinese? How much attention did the revised Legislation Law draw? Which laws concern ordinary people the most? As the "two sessions" go underway to discuss the nation's laws, Xinhua news agency and Baidu Index work together to answer some of these questions using big data.

NPC puts emphasis on Constitution

[2015-03-09 07:35]

China's top legislature will improve enforcement of the Constitution and enhance legal supervision this year as it seeks to play a key role in developing the rule of law, Zhang Dejiang, chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress, said on Sunday.

Process for new statutes amended

[2015-03-09 07:34]

China is poised to take a giant stride in bolstering the rule of law as the country's top legislature considers what is expected to be the final reading of a draft amendment to the Law on Legislation.