108 injured in train crash discharged from hospital

Updated: 2011-08-24 06:38


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HANGZHOU - One hundred and eight passengers injured in last month's deadly train crash in east China's Zhejiang Province have been discharged from local hospitals, health authorities said Tuesday.

A total of 177 people were hospitalized in the city of Wenzhou after a bullet train rear-ended a stalled train on a railway near the city on July 23. Forty people were killed in the crash.

As of Tuesday, 108 of the injured  have been discharged from 11 hospitals in Wenzhou. Another 21 patients have returned to their home provinces for further medical treatment, Wenzhou's health department said in a press release.

Out of the 47 patients who remain hospitalized in Wenzhou, only one remains in critical condition, according to the press release. The patient, surnamed Song, was riding in one of the trains with her nine-year-old daughter and 12-year-old son when the crash occurred. She suffered injuries to her brain, leaving her in a coma.

However, after a month of treatment, Song has waken up from her coma and is continuing to recuperate, according to Dr. Zhou Haiyan from Wenzhou's No. 118 Hospital of the People's Liberation Army.

"Although she's still unable to move or talk, she looks in your direction when you call to her," said Zhou.

Xiang Weiyi, a two-year-old girl who was pulled out of a demolished train car 21 hours after the crash, was transferred to a Shanghai hospital for improved treatment on Monday at her uncle's request.

Xiang lost both of her parents in the crash and was the last survivor to be found in the wreckage of the train crash. She underwent five operations at a hospital in Wenzhou to repair her left leg, which was seriously injured and nearly had to be amputated.

Doctors in Shanghai predicted that Xiang will need a fairly long time to fully recover from her injuries.