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Alibaba's Aliyun releases big data service platform

By Shi Jing ( Updated: 2016-01-20 14:02

Internet giant Alibaba's cloud computing arm Aliyun released its big data service platform during its computing conference held on Tuesday, which indicates that the company will start to roll out a complete industry chain regarding data services.

A number of new products have been rolled out on this platform. It will provide a big data computing service named Max Compute, with which users will be able to process within six hours 100 PB of data which is equal to 100 million high-resolution movies.

Aliyun will also provide an analytical database on this platform, allowing various-dimension analytics and search, using only 100 milliseconds to search among 10 billion data categories.

A full set of big data development tools have been released during the conference, which will help users to collect, develop and manage data and complete a number of other functions. Aliyun also proivde mobile analytics service on the platform, which will enable users to make mobile applications "smarter".

Also released during the conference are Aliyun's visualized data tool, machine learning product and intelligent speech interactive service, among others.

The company also announced a number of strategic partnerships with companies and institutions such as China Meteorological Administration, openstack technology provider 99Cloud, and NVIDIA Corporation, among others.

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