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Soaring into the Internet ecosystem era

By Jia Yueting (China Daily) Updated: 2015-12-18 11:03

Soaring into the Internet ecosystem era

Jia Yueting, chairman and CEO of Internet company LeTV Holdings Co Ltd. [Photo/IC]

Beijing and its surrounding areas have recently been covered in immense smog.

The traditional auto industry that we're all proud of is starting to impede the development of society and harm the living environment.

The world needs disruptive innovations and changes. What will the future be like? We believe that in the coming decade, China's Internet companies will lead the global economy into the Internet ecosystem era.

The leader of the Internet ecosystem should seamlessly integrate technology, culture and the Internet, creating new elements and new value. This is why we've been committed to building Le Ecosystem. Based on vertical integration of the industrial chain and reconstruction of the cross-industry value chain, Le Ecosystem is an open-ended, closed-loop ecosystem that combines a platform with content, devices and applications. Seven sub-ecosystems have already been formed globally on the basis of the Internet and the cloud.

Take Le Superphone as an example. Only six months after launching, monthly sales have already exceeded 1 million yuan, a record in the mobile phone industry. We entered a blue ocean market because we did not follow everyone else. Instead, we worked to create a new business value and a new business model, trying to lead smartphones from the smartphone era to the ecosystem era.

The companies that will change the industry and the world will never be those who wait around for opportunities, but those that are like eagles, breaking the status quo and exploring possibilities freely.

We should become eagles and create the future for ourselves, for China.

The author is chairman and CEO of Internet company LeTV Holdings Co Ltd.

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