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Xiaomi launches sports camera

By Cai Muyuan ( Updated: 2015-03-02 13:37

Xiaomi launches sports camera

Xiaoyi sports camera is seen installed on a drone. [Photo /]

Xiaomi Corp, a four-year-old startup based in Beijing, released its first new product of 2015 – Xiaoyi sports camera on Monday.

Similar to the popular Gopro camera, Xiaoyi sports camera weights 72 grams with a retail price of 399 yuan for basic version and 499 yuan for travel version with an extra selfie stick included. The built-in Wi-Fi allows users take videos, browse and edit with a mobile phone app and to share the images and videos on social media.

The product is available on Xiaomi's official website, and Tmall.

Xiaomi launches sports camera

A screenshot of Xiaoyi sports cameras is taken from the website of [Photo /]

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