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Building an individual focused messenger

By Sun Ye ( Updated: 2014-08-21 17:02

Social messaging apps such as Tencent's WeChat are immensely popular in China. Despite that popularity Chinese tech company Ultrapower believes the future of messaging lies with individualized social experiences.

Tencent's Wechat, with its 400 million-plus users, is by far the most successful social media communications app in China. While it is popular, it offers a similar experience across all users.

Speaking at the launch event in Beijing for their new cloud based service Rong Cloud, Ultrapower CEO Han Ying said that socializing will become a "fragmented experience". Han says he believes that social experiences should be scattered across different apps instead of gathering in a communication tool, like WeChat.

"You communicate with other parents when you're feeding a child, with doctors and patients when you are in pain," he said. "Individual apps function best when their particular strength is associated with socialization inside the app."

"We expect our service to cover hundreds of millions of users," Han said.

Ultrapower has had experience in the field of communications. The company was behind the popular Fetion messenger app.

The Rong Cloud service has already won endorsements from the makers of Healthway, an app that connects doctors and patients and Mimi, an anonymous dating app.

"When we added instant messaging to the app, popularity grew significantly," Zhang Hao, Mimi's CEO said.

"Moreover, it's important that we put our resources to the best use and outsource the messaging part to a company that specializes in it."

Building an individual focused messenger Building an individual focused messenger
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