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Shake-up puts CMGE in spotlight

By CHEN HONG ( Updated: 2014-06-26 10:43

The sudden announcement of shake-up of the executives has put the Nasdaq-listed China Mobile Games and Entertainment Group (CMGE) in the limelight, but a recent email tried to clarify the market speculation on its internal power struggle.

Xiao Jian, CEO of the China's largest publisher and a leading developer of mobile games, jointly sent an internal email with Ying Shuling, former president who was just removed from the post, on Monday to all employees.

It explained that the changes at the top, which include removing the posts of nine senior executives, including Ying and two vice-presidents, on June 19, was to ensure the profit and sustainable growth of the company.

The email added that the change, which it has called "organizational change", was needed to make the company more efficient and competitive and to continue producing high quality and innovative products.

Both Xiao and Ying signed at the end of the letter, indicating that the decision was made with their consent.

They also mentioned in the email that the business will continue as usual.

CMGE had already obtained non-exclusive licenses from Toei Animation Co Ltd to develop mobile games based on Japanese anime One Piece, Dragon Ball Z and Ikkyuu San, said the email.

The company's mobile game developed on a famous TV drama Bu Bu Jing Qing is going to close beta testing in all Android platforms on June 25 and it will also co-publish with Qihoo 360 a mobile game based on Disney movie "Maleficent" on June 26.

Shake-up puts CMGE in spotlight Shake-up puts CMGE in spotlight
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