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Hyundai recalls vehicles in China over faulty wipers

[2016-03-25 17:12]

The recall will involve imported Equus models produced between July 10, 2011 and June 12, 2012 and imported Rohens sedans produced between Aug 1, 2011 and April 30, 2012.

BMW to recall 6,109 vehicles in China

[2016-03-22 10:09]

China's top quality watchdog said on Monday that luxury car maker BMW will recall its imported Mini series in China starting from April 8.

Quality problems with automakers persist

[2016-03-21 09:20]

Though carmakers escaped from being named and shamed in China's annual consumer rights expose, the 315 Evening Gala, on Tuesday, auto-related quality issues are still a pain for many of the country's drivers.

Toyota to recall 126 imported vehicles in China

[2016-03-16 16:00]

Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co said Wednesday that it will recall 126 vehicles in China due to problems that could pose safety risks.

Mercedes-Benz recalls vehicles in China

[2016-03-15 15:26]

Mercedes-Benz will recall 80 vehicles in China over defective sunroofs, according to China's quality watchdog.

Chrysler recalls 20,670 vehicles in China

[2016-03-10 16:57]

Chrysler will recall 20,670 vehicles in China after finding oil pipe defects, the country's quality watchdog said on Thursday.

VW recalls 2k SUVs over fire hazard

[2016-01-30 10:51]

Volkswagen will recall 2,120 Touareg SUVs in China over fire risks, said the country's top quality watchdog on Friday.

Chrysler recalls vehicles over ignition module flaws

[2016-01-20 16:49]

Chrysler will recall 2,334 of its imported 2008 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Jeep Commander vehicles in China after finding ignition module defects.

VW pulls 58 units of 2015 Beetle from shelves

[2016-01-11 15:56]

Volkswagen will recall 58 units of the 2015 Beetle in China from April 15 because of a fuel pump problem.

Mazda recalls 2,000 vehicles in China

[2016-01-11 17:26]

Potential danger from window frames prompted Mazda to recall 2,011 units of its imported Mazda 6 Atenza in China last week.

Mercedes-Benz to recall vehicles in China over airbag flaws

[2015-12-01 10:55]

German carmaker Mercedes-Benz will recall 10,558 vehicles in China over defective airbags, China's quality watchdog said Monday.

Maserati recalls 319 defective autos in China

[2015-11-06 17:51]

The quality watchdog on Friday announced that Italian luxury car maker Maserati has recalled 319 vehicles on the Chinese mainland due to defective wiring.

Quality in Chinese vehicles vastly improved: report

[2015-11-09 08:06]

Chinese marques are improving their car quality and are primed to catch up with international auto brands in two years, according to consulting firm J.D. Power.

Mercedes-Benz recall over faulty seat belts, software

[2015-11-02 17:18]

German car maker Mercedes-Benz will recall some imported vehicles in China over faulty seat belts and software, China's top quality watchdog said on Monday.

Fiat Chrysler recalls 894,000 vehicles to fix brake, air bag problems

[2015-10-31 11:00]

Fiat Chrysler is recalling 894,000 Jeep, Dodge and Fiat SUVs worldwide to fix problems with anti-lock brakes and air bags, according to documents posted at the website of the Italian-American auto maker Friday.

Chrysler recalls 58,643 vehicles in China

[2015-10-29 16:57]

Chrysler will recall 58,643 of its imported 2011-2015 Dodge Journey SUVs in China after finding fire risks, according to the country's quality watchdog.

Volkswagen recalls 5,906 cars in China

[2015-10-27 16:14]

German carmaker Volkswagen began to recall 5,906 vehicles in China over defective batteries, the nation's quality watchdog said Tuesday.

Chrysler announces more China recalls

[2015-08-31 14:03]

Chrysler is making additional recalls of vehicles sold in China. A total of 11,088 imported Grand Cherokee SUVs manufactured between Sept 17, 2010 and Aug 19, 2013 were recalled on Sunday.

Benz recalls vehicles over power supply flaws

[2015-08-27 08:54]

Beijing Benz Automotive Co, Ltd will recall 1,105 of its Benz GLA vehicles in China after engines were found with power supply flaws, the country's quality watchdog said on Wednesday.

Chrysler recalls vehicles over fuel pump flaws

[2015-08-26 11:16]

Chrysler will recall 11,088 of its Grand Cherokee vehicles in China over fuel pump flaws, the country's quality watchdog said on Tuesday.