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Honda to recall vehicles over faulty seatbelts

[2014-10-13 09:39]

Honda will begin the recall of 741 imported Acura MDX and RLX models over seatbelt flaws, said China's top quality watchdog.

BMW China recalls imported Mini One

[2014-10-13 07:54]

China's top quality watchdog said on Sunday that luxury car maker BMW will recall its 2014 Mini One cars the Chinese mainland imported as of Nov 11.

Volvo recalls faulty cars in China

[2014-10-01 11:08]

Volvo began its recall of 569 unit its V40 model over software flaws on Tuesday, the country's quality watchdog said in a statement.

BMW to recall flawed vehicles in China

[2014-10-01 09:51]

BMW China and BMW Brilliance Automotive will recall 134,180 vehicles from Oct 30 due to fuel leak problems, China's quality watchdog said. The faulty fuel pumps will be replaced free of charge.

16.77m cars recalled in China since 2004

[2014-09-28 10:24]

Around 16.77 million vehicles had been recalled due to defects as of mid-September on the Chinese mainland as part of the efforts.

Shanghai General Motors recalls Cadillac SRX

[2014-09-27 10:58]

Shanghai General Motors Co Ltd recalled certain makes of its imported Cadillac SRX on Friday, China's quality watchdog said.

Mitsubishi cars recalled in China

[2014-09-12 09:18]

Many Mitsubishi vehicles have been recalled in China due to defective alternator belts.

Shanghai GM recalls Cadillac cars

[2014-09-09 16:54]

Shanghai GM has decided to recall its Cadillac XTS vehicles due to a software problem with the parking brake system.

Changan Ford recalls Focus vehicles

[2014-09-06 15:05]

Changan Ford Automobile Co Ltd, a joint venture between China's Changan Automobile and American automaker Ford, on Friday announced the recall of Focus sedans due to a fuel leak.

Chrysler, GM to recall defective cars

[2014-08-21 09:25]

Chrysler and GM will recall cars in China's mainland over software and airbag problems respectively, China's quality watchdog announced on Wednesday.

FAW-Volkswagen recalls cars in China

[2014-08-18 08:35]

FAW-Volkswagen will recall tens of thousands of Bora sedans due to a defective power-assisted steering system.

SAIC branch recalls 58,477 vehicles in China

[2014-08-17 08:39]

Passenger car branch of the Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporation will recall 58,477 Roewe550 cars in China after they were found to carry fuel leakage risks, according to China's quality watchdog.

Mercedes-Benz recalls Smart cars in China

[2014-08-15 15:17]

German automaker Mercedes-Benz will recall 50,144 Smart cars in China after they were found to have a defective belt drive, China's top quality watchdog said Friday.

China launches defect probe into VW Sagitar

[2014-08-15 10:39]

China quality inspector organized experts to check the local made compact car, as complaints about broken rear axles arm on the model.

Volkswagen Sagitar inspected for axle defect in China

[2014-08-15 08:26]

China's quality watchdog said Thursday that it is inspecting FAW-Volkswagen's new Sagitar after consumer complaints over a defect in the rear axle.

Shanghai GM recall over safety belt defects

[2014-08-11 07:34]

Shanghai General Motors Co will recall 32,001 vehicles on the Chinese mainland over problems with safety belts, the country's quality watchdog said on Saturday.

Mercedes issues recall over short circuit risk

[2014-08-06 09:56]

Mercedes-Benz will recall 57,843 vehicles on the Chinese mainland due to risks associated with short circuits, the country's quality watchdog said on Tuesday.

GM recalls Cadillac sedans in China

[2014-07-31 19:33]

Shanghai General Motors (GM) will recall 5,785 imported 2014 Cadillac ATS and CTS vehicles starting Aug. 31 because of a front seat bracket welding defect, China's quality watchdog said Thursday.

Ford recalls SUVs in China

[2014-07-30 17:34]

American automaker Ford will recall 25,802 of its Edge sport utilities vehicles (SUVs) in China from Aug 25 due to defective assembly.

Subaru recalls vehicles in China

[2014-07-29 10:05]

Japanese car maker Subaru will recall up to 3,040 vehicles in the Chinese mainland starting on Monday due to flaws with engine control setting.