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BYD shows sign of smashing local protectionism

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-02-27 09:28

China's new energy vehicle sector has gathered steam, boosted by strong government supports and increasing public awareness on environmental protection.

BYD shows sign of smashing local protectionism

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BYD shows sign of smashing local protectionism

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Earlier this month, the Chinese government announced the renewal of the favorable policies for the sector including financial aids and a broader promotion program in an effort to save energy and cut emissions.

On that backdrop, BYD's newly gained market access is worthy of note as it was won amid prevalent local protectionism among China's provincial new energy sedan market.

China's central government has provided hefty subsidies to drive sales by new energy car makers and initiated a pilot program to promote the cars in 40 cities and regions, the local governments of which have the right to determine which cars enjoy the subsidies and related favorable policies.

Consequently, local authorities have commonly been partial to local car makers that contribute to local tax revenue and economic growth, triggering difficulties for manufacturers from other provinces to enter the regional market.

Jia Xinguang, a seasoned auto analyst, bashed that practice, which has restrained the development of China's new energy vehicles, and called for a unified market with free access to all car makers.

Previously, BYD's electric and hybrid models had only entered the markets of Shenzhen and Tianjin cities, and Shaanxi and Hunan provinces. The company's senior managers had to visit city by city to persuade local authorities to add its models into the list.

The sector will only be ready for boom times if the local protective policies are eliminated, Jia said.

BYD shows sign of smashing local protectionism
BYD shows sign of smashing local protectionism
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