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Optimizing operations with focus on environmental responsibility is key: DSM

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Editor's note: With the annual sessions of the National People's Congress and the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference ending with a call to adapt to "new normal", sat down with global business leaders to get their views on the reform process and lowering of the growth target.

Here are the excerpts of Jiang Weiming, DSM China President.

Optimizing operations with focus on environmental responsibility is key: DSM


Jiang Weiming 

What impressed you the most about the annual Government Work Report released during the ongoing two sessions of China's top legislative and advisory bodies in Beijing? What do you think was the most important issue raised by the government in this report compared with the previous sessions?

The Work Report has delivered a clear message that the changing economic development models in China is a long-term goal and needs constant efforts and there are a lot of challenges ahead of us. I feel proud that the government delivered such transparent messages and showed its confidence at achieving its goal and in believing the people power can overcome any difficulties. I expect in the next years, many "innovative small new enterprises" will mushroom as a result of new government policies and the China economy will further grow with sustainability and innovation being the key drivers.

In the Government Work Report, Premier Li Keqiang said that the nation's economic growth rate would be adjusted to 7 percent. Do you think your company should adjust its development strategy in China?

Though the Chinese government set the goal to about 7 percent for 2015, that will still be a good achievement for the world's second largest economy. GDP growth is only one of the key economic indicators, and we believe China is heading in the right direction by balancing the quality of growth better. The Chinese government now is encouraging market driven growth with a strong focus on innovation and sustainability, which will lead to much more "green GDP" growth, so the quality of growth is much more important than the percentage of growth.

Amid the global economic slowdown, especially in developed economies, and China's economic adjustment, what is your greatest concern about your company's operations in China?

How to further optimize our operations with strong focus on environmental responsibility is even more important this year. Meanwhile we need to accelerate our connections in the market to deliver the right products with speed.

Which aspect of China's social and economic reforms should be improved in order to enhance the investment environment to attract more foreign companies?

We feel very happy that the Chinese government is focusing more on green GDP growth, not just growth. For example, the new Environmental Protection Law issued early this year is called the historically strictest environmental protection law in China. To further strengthen the mindset changes, we suggest that the government also offer incentive tax policies to encourage those companies that develop sustainable and innovative solutions to reduce emissions to protect the environment.

Do you think your company will develop faster in China than the previous year in terms of growth rate or market penetration?

China is one of the most important markets for DSM and we will focus on delivering innovative products and services in the areas of food, feed, nutrition, new materials and new energy. These market areas are also focus growth areas in China, so we expect our business growth will be much faster with higher quality

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