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Haier forms 'smart' alliance to further tap home appliance market

By Fan Feifei and Xie Chuanjiao ( Updated: 2016-09-29 14:13

China's largest home appliance supplier Haier Group announced move to establish the first strategic alliance for intelligent manufacturing in home appliance industry during the second World Internet + Industry Conference held in Qingdao from Sept 27 to 28.

The cooperation was jointly set up by Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society, China Academy of Information and Communications Technology, China Electronics Standardization Institute, Tsinghua University and China Telecom.

The alliance is set to build up a technological innovation platform to share information and develop and promote key technologies, and establish a public service platform to educate and cultivate the talent specialized in intelligent manufacturing, as well as to build an industry incubation platform.

Hu Jingyi, committee member of the alliance, released the standardized framework of intelligent manufacturing in home appliance industry, using Haier's internet-connected factories as the model.

Standardization is given a top priority in Germany's Industry 4.0 plan, and China is now transforming from a manufacturing giant into a world manufacturing under the Made in China 2025 initiative, there should be a universal model that could be copied. Haier's internet-connected factories are no doubt of great reference significance to the standard's establishment.

The Qingdao-based Haier has set up seven internet-connected smart factories, where users around the globe have the option to personalize Haier appliances by communicating with manufacturers via the internet and witness the whole process from manufacturing to loading and transportation, and give their feedbacks.

Moreover, Haier has established the first industry intelligent research institute, which outputs the standard and model of internet-connected factories.

Industry experts said the alliance is a key step for intelligent manufacturing and will enhance the level of intelligent manufacturing in home appliances industry.

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