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Beijing to build national sci-tech innovation center

By Ouyang Shijia ( Updated: 2016-09-05 13:52

The construction of a national sci-tech innovation center in Beijing is of great significance to enhance national comprehensive competitiveness, helping to build China into an innovative and sci-tech power, Li Meng, vice minister of Science and Technology, said at the State Council policy briefing on Friday.

Li added that, according to the plan, the sci-tech innovation center will initially take shape in 2017, then it will become an influential global sci-tech innovation center in 2020 with a final aim to serve as the new engine to drive the development of global sci-tech innovation in 2030.

The plan was approved on Thursday at the Sate Council's executive meeting. Premier Li Keqiang, who presided over the meeting, highlighted the importance of strengthening Beijing's sci-tech innovation ability.

Li Meng said that the scientific and technological innovation hubs with global influence should act as global leaders in cutting-edge technology, lead the trend of industrial development, gather high-end innovation platforms, and maintain an open environment.

The plan aims to accelerate Beijing's sci-tech innovation and construct a "high-quality, refined and advanced" economic structure, promoting Beijing into a world-renowned science center.

"Relying on abundant talents and the scientific advantages, Beijing will better serve the implementation of national strategies, and build "three big sci-tech cities." said Sui Zhenjiang, deputy mayor of Beijing.

Among them, Zhongguancun Science City will focus on high-end national innovation elements to make major breakthroughs in leading-edge innovations with global influence. Huairou Science City will build large scientific clusters and interdisciplinary research platforms. Located in Changping District, the Future Science City will become a gathering area of technological innovation for big conglomerates.

Sui said that, as the first National Innovation Demonstration Zone in China, Zhongguancun would build an upgraded version in the coming years.

"Version 1.0 offers houses and areas. Version 2.0 provide incubators. And the version 3.0 will build a professional, deeply integrated innovation services and business incubators platform. In the future, Zhongguancun will lead a further escalation in forms of innovation environment, policies and reforms."

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