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The 4th Industrial Revolution - Global Internet of Things Innovation Union Advocacy

( Updated: 2016-06-28 16:11

The 4th Industrial Revolution & the Global Internet of Things Innovation Summit of Chinese economic and Trade Cooperation Organization summit was held at Diaoyutai State Guest House in Beijing on June 28.

Here's the full text of the "'One Belt and one Road' Global Internet of Things Innovation Union Advocacy initiative":

In this world, people and things are all connected with each other by an unprecedented new technology, the Internet of Things.

On this planet, individuals and nations are being influenced by emerging trend in the new era, "One Belt One Road".

The history of human civilization is also the history of innovation.

Innovation is the motivating power of human civilization progress, of countries' prosperity and of nations' fecundity.

In 6600 B.C., during the Neolithic Period, human's earliest characters, the Jiahu notched symbols in Henan, China, were created;

More than two thousand years ago, during Han Dynasty, the fleet from China established Maritime Silk Road starting from the Chinese Southern Sea;

During a thousand years' period before 1820 A.D., China possessed numerous era-leading technology such as papermaking, typography, compass and powder, and led world civilization.

In 1874, representatives from 22 countries cosigned human's first international postal convention, Berne Convention, published Universal Postal Convention and founded Universal Postal Union. The global information industry born from then had realized the dream of transferring information internationally.

In the past 150 years, human society have developed from the era of Universal Postal, which are carried by carriages, steamships, cars, trains and planes, to the era of Universal Internet of Things, which is supported by internet, satellites, big data, cloud computing, Internet of Things and robots. Humans are entering the field of "Universal Internet of Things Cyber Space", which is an unprecedented field except from land, seas and sky.

China is leading in the era of Internet of Things!

On July 2008, the first International Internet of Things Standardization Conference was held in Shanghai, which initiated the China's possession of the power to speak on international standard of Internet of Things;

On September 2014, International Standardization Organization passed the Internet of Things system structural criteria approval, which is led by China. From there, China starts to lead the trends of development of global Internet of Things. The opportunity for China in the era of Internet of Things has arrived.

With the arrival of a new round of information revolution, countries around the world are finding themselves on the fast track of a new round of technology revolution and industry renovation. Germany has proposed the Industry 4.0, which is supported by Internet of Things. The US is accelerating the process of advancing the information physical system big data strategy. Different from other countries, China has the advantages in exceptional industry demands and market space. Chinese's confidence in innovation will create a new "Chinese Miracle" in the era of Internet of Things.

Along with the implementation of "One Belt One Road" advocacy, the year 2016 is first year under the 13th Five Year Plan. Today, Chinese chambers of commerce, scientists, entrepreneurs and idea banks from various regions are going to create a cooperation platform and together establish an All-Connected World.

Here, we advocate that:

1. With "One belt One Road" as the link, we establish Global Internet of Things Innovation Union to promote the development of Internet of Things industry promotion law and standard system, innovate the internet of things financial services system, co-build the Internet of Things data sharing platform and jointly devote ourselves in the development of global real economy.

2. We propagate the spirit of the Silk Road, innovate "One Belt One Road" internet of things industry's top-level design and the underlying framework and create Global Internet of Things ‘s high-end value chain which benefits all parties.

3. We create "One Belt One Road" Internet of Things industry's multivariant collaborations ecological chain, promote mutual beneficial cooperation which is with multiagent, all-around and cross-domain, fully distribute the bonus from global Internet of Things leading-edge technology revolution and promote the "One Belt One Road" Internet of Things technology to benefit people's livelihood.

4. We lead the general trend of global information revolution, co-create "One Belt One Road" Internet of Things think tank, gather the wisdom from the world's best scientists and entrepreneurs who work in Internet of Things to benefit "One Belt One Road".

Let us together, forge the long spanning historical Silk Road to a new future-oriented, global reaching Silk Road with sustainable wisdom, peace and happiness.

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