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First batch of mangoes from Peru arrives in Beijing

By Yan Dongjie ( Updated: 2016-01-15 17:00

First batch of mangoes from Peru arrives in Beijing

People, mainly green grocers from China, taste mangoes at the Embassy of Republic of Peru. [Photo/]

The first batch of mangoes from Peru has arrived in Beijing, with a tasting party held at the Embassy of the Republic of Peru on January 14.

The mangoes traveled for just three days by air with FCD Industrial Co Ltd from Peru to China, and were praised as both ripe and fresh by the green grocers invited.

"We hope that fruits from Peru can be better known here with more and more varieties introduced to China," said Juan Carlos Capuñay Chávez, Peru's ambassador to China.

He said that red grapes from Peru have become popular in China in the past two years, making Peru the second biggest red grape supplier to China. Peru is introducing more of its fruits such as mangos, cherrys, avocados, and some acidic fruits to the country.

As Peru is more than 16,000 kilometers away from China, transportation is the main problem for trading fruits from there, said Hao Yu, a director of Shanghai FCD Industrial Co Ltd.

She added that to keep the mangoes fresh, they chose to transport them by air, which can cost even more than the original price of the fruit.

A mango trader Jian Mubo predicted that the price of Peruvian mangoes might be more expensive than those from Australia, which are the most popular in Chinese markets at present and about 50 to 60 yuan ($7.6) per kilogram.

Ambassador Chávez said that two forms of transportation are available for the fruits, namely by sea or air, which obviously affects the price of the fruit. Fruits transported by the air will be fresher but also more expensive.

Lin Nagy, general director of Hungary Economic and Cultural Cooperation Corp, said that the mango she tasted in the Embassy of Peru was better than any other mangoes she ate before, and was finer and smoother.

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