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Guiyang to hold data expo in May

By Zhu Wenqian ( Updated: 2015-01-09 17:29

Guiyang, the capital of Guizhou province in Southwest China, is going to hold Guiyang International Big Data Expo 2015 from May 26 to 29. The theme will be "The Revolution, Opportunity and Challenge in Big Data Era".

As an inland city in southwestern China, Guiyang leverages ecological expenditures into economic opportunities. It is home to a number of major industrial parks, including a new factory for Foxconn Technology Group, manufacturer of Apple Inc products.

"Guiyang boasts unique climatic, geographical and ecological advantages and sufficient electronic resources in big data industry development," said Liu Wenxin, the mayor of Guiyang. "The distinct positioning for Guiyang to develop big data has received national and provincial acknowledgments with encouraging policies."

The major Chinese mobile operators have set up a big data and cloud computing research center in Guiyang, where the city has competitive advantages of developing big data services with its natural and human resources.

"Cloud-computing requires good climatic conditions and clean air. Guiyang has a similar climate with India's Silicon Valley Bangalore, and the air can be utilized at the computer labs after simple filtering," Liu said.

The annual global technical gathering will attract the attendance of Jack Ma, chief executive of Alibaba Group Holdings Ltd, and Terry Gou, chairman of Foxconn Technology Group, and other industry entrepreneurs and experts.

The exhibition will showcase innovative technology of big data applications, equipment, software and services. Leading global technological companies are going to display their latest products and achievements. They'll also feature discussion topics, including the developing trend of big data, how big data will drive financial innovation and the big data of healthcare.

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