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Chinese goods most attractive in Lebanon during holidays

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-12-25 09:38

BEIRUT -- The Chinese goods, mostly children toys, have been particularly the choice of most Lebanese families to satisfy their children for the Christmas holidays.

Christmas holidays represent an opportunity for traders of children toys to accelerate their sales and accumulate a marginal profit which enables them survive the hard economic situation the country is passing through.

The goods made in China are on high demand in the Lebanese market. Imad Riman, an owner of a toy shop told Xinhua that the "reasonable prices of the Chinese-made children toys very affordable to the Lebanese families and for us to market them easily."

He said "the Chinese products are sold at reasonable prices which helped these products to expand quickly in the market," adding that "toys sales significantly increased since we started selling the Chinese products. They are suitable for everyone."

The Lebanese families also expressed their satisfaction with the Chinese products.

Suleiman Abu Abdo, a father of three, said that these toys allow families to bring joy and happiness to their kids.

He said "the Chinese products and toys in particular allowed us to have a wide selection of gifts for our children," adding that "compared to western manufactured toys, the prices of Chinese toys are competitive for the same quality and even better sometimes."

Lebanese in general and the Christians in particular celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ on Dec 25, which is officially taken as holiday. Schools and banks close their doors for the occasion.

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