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Chinese firm to mass produce cloud-based air-conditioners

By Zhu Wenqian ( Updated: 2014-12-23 17:31

Guangdong Chigo Air Conditioning Co Ltd, a Hong Kong-listed air-conditioner maker, announced Tuesday that it would mass produce air-conditioners with cloud computing functions worldwide, and expand its overseas market.

Equipped with a cloud-based research center, the company was a global pioneer in integrating cloud-based technology with air-conditioners.

The air-conditioner manufacturer introduced several new types of intelligent products based on cloud-computing technologies; allowing consumers to control their air-conditioners at home in a long-range distance via smart phones and tablets, and popular apps such as WeChat.

"Internet thinking is a new approach regarding products and customers in face of the constant growth of Internet, big data and cloud computing," said Li Xinghao, chairman and chief executive of Chigo air-conditioning.

"A cloud-based air-conditioner is more personalized. For instance, it allows users to customize multiple suitable sleeping mode temperatures for each person."

The models with cloud computing functions are part of Chigo's effort to expand into high-end air-conditioning business to boost growth amid slowing sales. The company aims to abandon its low-end and cheaper models, and target domestic-made products with superior quality.

Meanwhile, the company is seeking a more environmentally-friendly manufacturing with energy-saving technologies, such as models with functions including ultra-quiet effect, and PM2.5 and methanol purifications.

More consumers hope they can have highly intelligent air-conditioners, as the younger generation is becoming the major consumer group. Some wish that they can communicate with their air-conditioners through telephones, and others envision having automatic air-conditioners that are similar to robots, according to a survey of more than 60 million users by Chigo air conditioning.

Zhang Yanbin, director at AVC, a consultancy that specializes in research on home appliances, said it's critical to utilize Internet to upgrade and boost the home appliance business during the 'new normal' period of the Chinese economy.

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