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Aviation sector to reform private license process

( Updated: 2014-10-15 15:18

Chinese aviation authority is planning to deepen reforms on low-altitude airspace management by simplifying approval procedures for general flights and loosening the private pilot's license assessment, said the Economic Information Daily on Wednesday.

Lv Junhua, financial director of National Air Traffic Committee, said at a forum that a series of policies will be introduced shortly to boost the industrial development in areas including the division of airspace and air service protection.

The recent reforms are also said to include reforming the standard for the private pilot license, reported the newspaper.

A private-licensed candidate in China needs to have at least 40 flying hours and pass the physical and theory exam, with a minimum training cost of 150,000 yuan, said a training provider.

"General aviation industry in China is now in a golden age with unlimited potentials. It is likely to become the third leading industries along with automobile and high-speed trains," said Wang Jian, deputy director of southwest management bureau at Civil Aviation Administration of China to the Daily.

According to industry professionals, general flight companies totaled 226 in China by the end of September, with 201 more at the initial founding stage. The total number of registered general aircraft in China has reached 1,786.

Domestic demand for flights is expected to amount to $15.5 billion in value term in 10 years, said the newspaper, quoting Liu Daxiang, member of Chinese Academy of Engineering.

Aviation sector to reform private license process Aviation sector to reform private license process
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