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China reports H1 surplus in int'l balance of payments

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-09-30 09:20

BEIJING - China's international balance of payments showed a surplus in the first half of the year, with surplus under the current account reaching $80.5 billion, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) announced on Monday.

During the period, the country also registered a surplus under the capital and financial accounts totaling $77.8 billion, according to SAFE data.

Specifically, the goods trade surplus reached $149.3 billion in contrast to deficits totaling $62.5 billion and $11.8 billion registered in service trade and current transfers, respectively, the data showed.

Meanwhile, the net inflow of direct investment and securities investment stood at $93 billion and $36.9 billion, in contrast to an outflow of $51.7 billion, the data showed.

Based on the surplus reports, China's international reserve assets (excluding the influence of exchange rates and prices) showed a rise of $147.9 billion during the period.

The data also showed that as of the end of June, China's external financial assets, including outbound direct investment, outbound securities investment as well as reserve assets, totalled $6.31 trillion, in comparison to $4.32 trillion in external debts.

China reports H1 surplus in int'l balance of payments

China reports H1 surplus in int'l balance of payments

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