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China, Britain on 'winning course': Premier Li

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-06-17 10:41

In the article, Li also shared his insights on China's development, saying that although China has indeed achieved "a quantum leap" in its development, it remains "far from achieving its development goals."

The premier listed out three pressing tasks in China's urbanization process: to help 100 million rural migrants enjoy resident status in cities and towns in eastern China; to accommodate 100 million rural people as local residents in cities and towns in central and western China; and to provide 100 million people living in rundown urban areas with decent housing.

China, Britain on 'winning course': Premier Li
China, Britain on 'winning course': Premier Li
China's "quest for modernization remains a long and arduous one," he said. "As premier, my highest priority is to pursue modernization through urbanization and industrialization."

China's economy needs to grow at a proper rate, and the 7.5-percent growth expected this year "is slower than the past, but normal," said the Chinese leader.

"Despite considerable downward pressure, China's economy is moving on a steady course. We will continue to make anticipatory and moderate adjustments when necessary. We are well prepared to defuse various risks. We are confident that this year's growth target will be met," he added.

Noting that reform and opening up remain key to China's modernization, he said "we need to stay the course on market-oriented reform ... and open China still wider to the outside world."

The premier also pledged to encourage the development of the private sector and impose tougher penalties on intellectual property rights infringement, environmental pollution and unfair competition.

"This will give foreign investors the same level playing field and greater space for development, just like their Chinese counterparts," Li said.

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