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China levies anti-dumping duties on EU, US PCE

(Xinhua) Updated: 2014-05-30 17:17

BEIJING - China's Ministry of Commerce on Friday decided to levy anti-dumping duties on perchlorethylene (PCE) from the European Union and the United States starting Saturday.

Companies that import such products will pay anti-dumping duties to customs in the next five years. Duty rates will range between 27.6 percent and 71.8 percent, the ministry said.

PCE is a chlorinated solvent and used extensively in dry cleaning. Other applications include vapor degreasing and use as a chemical intermediate and processing solvent.

PCE imports from the two regions have damaged Chinese producers, the ministry said in a final ruling.

The probe started on May 31 of last year in response to applications from domestic companies and a preliminary ruling came in February.

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