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Internet legislation timely, necessary

(Xinhua) Updated: 2012-12-30 02:00

BEIJING - China's latest legislation on Internet management complies with the development trend of the Internet and the aspirations of the people.

The 12-article decision on strengthening online information protection, which has the same legal effect as a law, was adopted by lawmakers at a session of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress on Friday.

The Internet has exerted more and more important influence on promoting economic development, social progress, scientific innovation and convenient daily life.

Such a decision is timely and necessary, for a lack of Internet law has made online information security a prominent problem, and some people are making use of the Internet to infringe upon the rights and interests of the nation and citizens.

The decision meets the people's expectation of a law to regulate the online collection of personal information, and it is a demonstration of human rights protection in accordance with the law.

The decision includes an identity management policy requiring Internet users to use their real names to identify themselves to service providers, including Internet or telecommunications operators.

Network service providers and other government institutions and personnel as well as companies were banned to steal personal digital information and sell or pr ovide the information to others in any illegal forms.

The decision's core content is to establish an E-protection system for citizens' personal information, which boosts Internet management while ensuring the people's rights to privacy and free speech.

With the new legal document, the State Council, or the Cabinet, should mete out supporting regulations and rules to ensure its implementation.

Legislatures at all levels should also inspect the decision's implementation in time. Those who violate the decision should face punishment.

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