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HP aims to lead China's ultrabook market

By Tuo Yannan ( Updated: 2012-10-23 15:12

Hewlett-Packard Corp said on Monday that it wants to be the largest ultrabook maker in the Chinese market.

The US-based company, which is the world's largest PC maker, also said it wants to achieve global profits of $7 billion next year, and that China will be an important driver to achieve that goal.

"HP wants to get the top slot in the Chinese ultrabook market," said Wang Gang, vice-president of HP and general manager of the Personal Systems Category.

HP has launched several new ultrabooks, including the HP Spectre, which come with Microsoft Corp's latest operating system Windows 8.

The company believes that ultrabooks will become a crucial part of HP's personal computer division, said Wang.

According to the US-based IT research company International Data Corporation, HP's market share was the highest globally in the second quarter of the year, but its performance in China wasn't as good as its Chinese competitor Lenovo Group Ltd.

Kitty Fok, General Manager of IDC China, said that Windows 8 and touch screen technology may bring some changes to the Chinese market, accelerating the spread of the ultrabook concept.


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