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Top wine demand falls in Asian

(China Daily) Updated: 2012-06-11 10:22

Top wine demand falls in Asian

Compared with the past two years, Asian buyers' demand for top wines in 2011 fell significantly this year. The European debt crisis, the economic slowdown in China and bad weather in the year 2011 are believed to be the factors that caused the downturn. Even the price of top wines from 2009 dropped as well. For example, the price of Chateau Lafite-Rothschild, which is among Chinese buyers' favorites, fell 20 percent this year over two years ago, according to the official micro blog of The Wall Street Journal's Chinese version.

HUIZHONGDIDEYAOGUAI: Reports of counterfeit wines have deterred a large group of petty bourgeoisie from buying.

KUNTOU: There is too much of the so-called top wines in the China market. Lafite, a well-known wine brand, has become a legend in China because the amount of trading in it significantly exceeds its production volume.

SWEET_KIKI: Just like the speculation over Pu'er tea before, the bubble will burst when it develops to a certain extent. Although everybody understands it, some people will do something irrational.

NOJOURNEYINMAY: Make the interest in wine purchasing or wine collection just a hobby. Never turn the hobby into a means of speculation.

SEAFOODBUFFET: Investment this year could go to some emerging industries or the consumer market but not the wine market at all because it has already come to an end this year.

YUAIGUGU: After the grand banquet, the market turns cold and cheerless.

DESPERADO44: It appears that the wine market this year is not good at all.

JINFENG JEFF: When the fall of tide comes, you can see who's skinny dipping.

All the information is from Sina Weibo.

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