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Chinese carmaker FAW target S. African market

(Xinhua) Updated: 2015-02-22 10:09

China's leading carmaker First Automotive Works (FAW) Group will start selling its South African plant-assembled vehicles in southern African countries including Namibia, Zambia and Botswana later this year, Flip Wilken, Managing Director of Wilkem Communications on behalf of FAW South Africa, has said.

The move follows the opening of FAW's production plant in South Africa's Eastern Cape province last year, a base to provide products for its African dealers.

"In 2015, we have already exported vehicles to East African countries such as Kenya and Tanzania, and export to southern African countries will also start this year," Wilken said.

FAW started the new year on a good note with the company having dispatched its first five units of export to its dealership in Kenya, six months after the establishment of its South African plant.

In mid-January, the five J5P truck tractor units headed off to Transafrica Motors Limited, Kenya's leading auto dealers.

"The first 10 units to our Tanzanian dealership will be expected in May. FAW South Africa expects to export 100 units to Tanzania." the managing director said.

The FAW J5P 6X4 380hp truck tractor being assembled in South Africa is a stalwart product for African road conditions, as the vehicle can cope easily with the dust and dirt challenges, rough or slippery roads, he said.

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