CBRC: Rural cooperatives should serve rural interests

2007-07-16 14:44:56

Despite different equity forms, rural cooperative financial institutions must faithfully serve the agricultural industry, the countryside and farmers, said deputy chairman of the CBRC.

IPOs set trend for listing by city banks

2007-07-12 07:50:38

The initial public offering of two lenders - Bank of Nanjing and Bank of Ningbo - this week will spur a new round of bank listings on the domestic stock markets.

HK party seeks oil futures market

2007-07-12 07:50:38

The establishment of a vibrant oil commodities futures market in Hong Kong will help the city strengthen its position as an international financial center.

Interest rate hike likely this month

2007-07-11 14:56:00

China's central bank may raise the interest rate this month, and the Ministry of Finance may also cancel or cut the interest tax, according a report released by Bank of China.

Food price spike pushes CPI to pass 4% in June

2007-07-10 16:20:33

China's CPI in June may have exceeded 4 percent from a year earlier due to higher food prices,said China Business News today.

NDRC: CPI could pass the warning line

2007-07-10 09:11:45

The CPI this year may exceed 3 percent, the warning line set by the central bank, according to the NDRC.

Central banker: Monetary policies won't target stocks and properties

2007-07-09 16:54:36

the monetary policies from the central bank are not directly aimed at cooling the stock or property market, according to Wu Xiaoling, deputy governor of the bank.

CBRC annual report outlines current state of Chinese banks

2007-07-06 16:50:47

The China Banking Regulatory Commission said in its 2006 annual report that the total assets of the Chinese banking sector amount to 43.95 trillion yuan.

Don't expect too much from end to interest tax

2007-07-06 11:39:24

The variety of concerns over the interest tax are not baseless. However, those concerned may be expecting too much from suspending the tax,

Pork price rise alone won't affect CPI much: Economists

2007-07-05 08:51:00

China's pork prices continued to rise this month, but that factor alone will not significantly push up the consumer price index (CPI), analysts said.

Jim Rogers still confident on China's market

2007-07-03 09:00:37

JIM Rogers, who predicted the start of the global commodities rally in 1999, said he's sold out of all emerging markets with the exception of China because they're "over-exploited."

China eyes gradual sale of special bonds

2007-07-02 12:32:28

China will gradually sell its planned 1.55 trillion yuan in special domestic bonds to finance its overseas investment agency, a senior central bank official was quoted on Monday as saying.