Retail-led market may need reform

2007-02-06 10:49:09

Official statistics show that the number of retail investors in the mainland stock market reached 80 million in January.

Trends in China's use of foreign capital

2007-02-05 10:21:10

Overseas investors should see the changes in several trends in China's use of foreign capital, if hoping to succeed in their business here.

Investors rush in to grab a bull by the horns

2007-02-05 09:45:45

During the morning hours, zealous investors lined up at the Zhongtou Exchange to turn their investment potions into stock market magic.

Boom and bust on the road to prosperity

2007-02-05 09:15:35

At the end of 2006, China recorded 80.06 million stock investors about 4 million more than the United States.

Volatility of China markets may affect HK

2007-02-01 14:17:55

Volatility displayed by China's stock markets may have an impact on the share prices of stocks traded in Hong Kong.

Securities houses under pressure of soaring online trading

2007-01-29 15:32:18

The two stock exchanges issued emergency notices ordering brokerages to upgrade online trading systems.

Reforms to end quotas on issuance of bonds

2007-01-29 15:22:11

China's corporate bond market looks set for a breakthrough in reforms this year that is likely to end issuance quotas.

Bullish market sees strong investor sentiment

2007-01-26 09:53:07

China's stock market has continued to rise and investors are mostly positive despite concern that the bubble may burst.

A-shares increasingly influence HK market

2007-01-25 09:25:29

A few years ago, Hong Kong investors seldom looked at the A-share market for hints on the movement of their local shares.

Market still not mature enough: CSRC

2007-01-24 15:53:40

The capital market is still not strong enough for China to unveil derivatives such as stock-index futures, said the securities regulator.

Investors turn to traditional sectors

2007-01-24 10:22:50

Although venture capital investment in China rose to a record high in 2006, the spotlight seems to have shifted from the Internet sector to the so-called traditional industries.

A-share market to be world's '3rd largest in 10 years'

2007-01-23 09:38:09

China's yuan-denominated A-share market will become the world's third largest in the next 10 years, with its value reaching $10 trillion in 2020.