A measure of stability for stock market

2008-05-19 11:17:30

A strong earthquake and higher inflation failed to rock stocks last week, indicating that investor confidence has returned, analysts said.

JPMorgan Chase: Profit for listed firms may grow 20%

2008-05-17 14:23:45

Profit for China's listed companies may grow 20 percent this year despite the strong quake that shook southwest China.

End in sight for debt crisis

2008-03-29 09:58:01

The subprime crisis has dampened Chinese investors' confidence in the market, but economists from both home and abroad have warned against a panic.

Declining exports to slow  China's GDP growth

2008-03-24 16:31:11

Declining export growth, notably affected by the U.S. credit crunch, is likely to drag China's GDP growth down to 10.5 percent this year, still above official target of 8 percent, a leading university research paper said.

Advisor: China needs stable yuan to fight hot money

2008-03-24 09:28:35

China needs a relatively stable exchange rate and should not use another one-off currency revaluation to curb inflow of hot money, said Fan Gang, a central bank advisor.

Jim Rogers: Don't sell Chinese stocks

2008-03-17 13:34:56

Jim Rogers, co-founder of the Quantum Fund and a veteran US investor, said he was still confident in China's capital market.

Steel sector expects brisk M&As

2008-03-12 09:01:22

China's steel sector, which is the world's biggest but fragmented, is expected to embrace unprecedented mergers and acquisitions (M&As) over the next three years, an industry association leader said.

Exposure to subprime debt limited

2008-03-07 08:54:18

The impact of the US subprime crisis on Chinese banks will be limited and their bottom line will not be significantly affected, the central bank governor said yesterday.

Economist: Stock market not to turn bearish

2008-03-03 13:35:37

China's stock market will not turn bearish, said renowned Chinese economist Li Yining ahead of the annual session of the country's top advisory body.

S&P: China banks largely unaffected by subprime

2008-02-21 14:49:36

China's banks will remain largely unaffected by the US subprime crisis, said a senior director at Standard & Poor's.

VC market venturing forward

2008-02-18 16:07:35

It's the best of times. It's the worst of times. For venture capitalists in China, there might be no better way to sum up 2007.

Stock market fundamentals 'still strong'

2008-02-12 09:00:20

The Chinese stock market has remained fundamentally strong despite the looming threat of a global economic recession and the battering it took over the past several weeks.

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