China must develop its bond market: deputies

2007-03-08 15:04:59

The underdevelopment of China's bond market needs to be urgently addressed, deputies said at the ongoing "two sessions" on Wednesday.

Risks and returns of a financial supermarket

2007-03-08 08:48:27

Have you ever dreamed of a financial supermarket? Money changers, insurers, securities and fund management companies, all under the same roof?

Investors want to keep the bull market rational

2007-03-07 14:20:25

There was no sign in the stock or currency markets that investors were pulling large amounts of money out of the market.

China's stock market no world market shaker

2007-03-06 13:27:36

Just a week ago, the Chinese stock markets plummeted. The Shanghai composite index plunged nearly 9 percent.

Asset injections to SOEs expected

2007-03-05 09:10:45

Without a doubt, the cosset of the A-share market in the past few weeks has been "asset injection."

Profit, loss not mutually exclusive to funds

2007-03-02 10:41:54

Ripples of the stock market slump are still being felt across the world. But they don't seem to have affected China's mutual fund market.

Stock plunge: Capitalism 101 for investors

2007-03-02 08:50:28

The government took a variety of damage-control measures on Wednesday that included squelching rumors of a new capital gains tax.

China's Fund frenzy continues

2007-03-01 16:53:05

Fund buyers got agitated at the China Construction Bank Xisi outlet in Beijing when told that more than half of the sales quotas were sold out in one hour since release.

Chinese stock market slump sends shockwaves to global markets

2007-03-01 13:35:42

The highest daily slump to hit China's stock markets for ten years on Tuesday triggered a domino effect on global capital markets.

Share market needs correction

2007-02-28 16:27:34

A correction could only be good for the exchange. To ensure sustained growth, the market needs a drop as deep as 400 points.

Positive sign for stalled listings

2007-02-28 11:34:27

Baosteel Group's planned overseas listing has given hope for the stalled plans of some State-owned groups in Shanghai.