New tool could be answer for A-shares

2007-01-19 10:13:23

The China depository receipt (CDR) has been on the cards for years, but it is now more likely the investment tool will be introduced this year.

Beijingers pawn apartments in pursuit of stock market profits

2007-01-22 09:49:09

A man surnamed Li pawned his 200-square-meter apartment worth over 1 million yuan (US$129,000) near Beijing Capital Airport for 800,000 yuan so he could invest in the stock market. He then pawned his stocks for 700,000 yuan and bought more stocks.

Get ready for spectacular investment

2007-01-22 09:31:51

The most interesting thing to watch last week was certainly Beijing's Financial Work Conference, despite the debate featured in all the media over whether Starbucks coffee should be driven out of the Forbidden City.

Commodity futures products needed

2007-01-19 10:46:58

The development of a Chinese commodity futures market should benefit hundreds of thousands of relatively small manufacturers by giving them an opportunity to hedge against fluctuating prices of industrial raw materials.

Bourses should 'cooperate'

2007-01-19 10:28:04

As major listing destinations for Chinese companies, Hong Kong and Shanghai are more "cooperative and complementary than competitive", and could grow and benefit from each other in the coming years.

Mutual feelings over bullish stock market

2007-01-19 15:06:57

Only someone living in a cave could have missed the fact that China's stock market staged a mighty comeback in 2006, turning itself from one of the world's worst performers in 2005 into one of its best.

Strategic transformation of capital market almost complete

2007-01-19 14:59:39

The conditions for the strategic transformation of China's capital market are now almost all in place, said Tu Guangshao, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, at the 11th Capital Market Forum held Saturday at the People's University of China.

The mainland factor

2007-01-19 14:43:12

Hong Kong shares may reach a record of 21,700 points in 2007, as the robust economic growth from the Chinese mainland could well offset the adverse effect from a possible US slowdown, local analysts say.

Market to gain from unified tax rule

2007-01-19 14:13:52

The unification of the corporate income tax rate for local and foreign-funded companies will be a positive for the A-share market in 2007.

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