Companies need 'more options'

2007-06-07 08:42:30

China should expand local companies' fundraising options by letting commercial banks invest in private-equity funds, Vice-Governor of the Central Bank said.

S Korean listing could trigger ripple effect

2007-06-05 07:01:51

The Korea Exchange on Friday announced it had given a Chinese company the greenlight to float shares on the bourse.

Bond market heading for consolidation

2007-05-24 14:08:38

Insiders said the China Securities Regulatory Commission will replace the National Development and Reform Commission to supervise the bond market.

Don't empty wallets to ride the bull market

2007-05-24 10:44:39

Two developments in the economy are worth our attention: The increase in bank savings keeps slowing. A large amount of capital keeps pouring into the stock market.

Analysts upbeat over QDII moves

2007-05-24 08:33:31

Analysts expect the widening of the investment scope for the mainland's qualified domestic institutional investors (QDIIs) will boost Hong Kong's equity market.

Controlling capital market boom without hurting economy

2007-05-23 10:57:04

China's unprecedented stock market boom reflects the hopes and dreams of ordinary Chinese who are voting with their savings on the progress of China's market economy.

Beef up B-share market for our foreign currency

2007-05-22 06:58:53

With more investors opening accounts in B shares, the market gains increasingly heavy leverage within the country's capital market.

Crack down on insider trading

2007-05-22 06:58:53

Although insider trading is believed by stock analysts and informed investors to be widespread, the regulator is known to have formally investigated only one case so far involving a trader at a fund management company.

'Unwritten' rule to keep developers from listing in HK

2007-05-21 15:39:10

Enthusiasm by domestic real estate firms for raising capital on the Hong Kong stock exchange may be cooled by an unwritten rule from China's securities regulator.

Market watchdog must keep eyes open

2007-05-22 09:02:37

China Securities Regulatory Commission should stay on high alert about irregularities in the red-hot stock market and deal heavy blows to violators.

Volatility in stock market expected

2007-05-21 08:48:06

The central bank's renewed efforts to curb the inflow of speculative capital into the stock market are expected to create volatility in the short term.

QDII could help save China's bubble market

2007-05-21 08:42:41

Since the QDII (qualified domestic institutional investor) plan launching last July, it has not been very popular in its test market, Hong Kong.