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Lhasa upgrades public transport with new buses

[2010-12-16 15:03]

Tibet's capital, Lhasa, is replacing old minibuses with new coaches to cut exhaust emissions and provide more efficient public transport, a city transport official said Thursday.

Finding value in garbage generated by restaurants

[2010-12-06 13:28]

It is late at night in Beijing and Han Liang is at his small restaurant long after his last customers have left, waiting for a sanitation worker to remove the waste.

Baby steps for budding green groups

[2010-12-04 07:45]

When 16-year-old conservationist Jeffery Yu saw an elderly man trudging around a Beijing suburb collecting plastic bottles in the freezing cold, he thought it was bizarre.

People-oriented, but everyone has to participate

[2010-11-26 07:57]

The green habitat model that was on view recently at the 7th International Green Habitat Forum (IGHF 2010) in the city of Chengdu, Sichuan province, is not just about more plants and a better environment, according to a World Wildlife Foundation official.

Burning issue is worrying critics

[2010-11-25 08:03]

Environmentalists are expressing concern about the proposed Sujiatuo garbage burner in Haidian district after the local government began its environmental impact assessment last week.

Green life, green growth

[2010-11-25 08:00]

The 2010 China International Green Industry Expo that opened on Wednesday in Beijing speaks volumes about the country's ambition to make the green economy a new growth engine for its sustainable development.

City rooftops become vegetable gardens

[2010-11-24 11:23]

A resident harvests vegetables grown on her rooftop balcony in Hefei, capital of East China's Anhui province on Nov 23, 2010.

Hangzhou runner carries low-carbon message

[2010-11-17 17:09]

Chen Jun, a long-distance runner who shaved his head, wearing a green leafy hat and skirt, runs on the Bai Causeway (Bai Di) of West Lake in Hangzhou, East China, on Nov 16.

Starting green lifestyle with the haves

[2010-11-12 16:58]

New heroes are born every day on the major Chinese Internet portals. One of the most recent is Zhang Qingtian, 74, a farmer in mountainous Fude village, Kaixian county of Chongqing municipality.

Barbecue lovers skewered

[2010-11-06 13:54]

Lovers of barbecue food are feeling a little hungry as major barbecue venues in Guangzhou have been closed to ensure good air quality for the upcoming 2010 Asian Games and Asian Para Games.

Public transportation key to green city

[2010-11-05 13:26]

Efficient public transportation systems can serve as a role model for other mega-cities like Beijing in their pursuit of sustainability, experts said at a climate change conference in Hong Kong on Thursday.

HK colleges join to make campuses sustainable

[2010-11-04 14:29]

Eight of Hong Kong's major universities have set up a consortium to make their campuses more environmentally sustainable.

Don't walk on green but stand, wait and hope

[2010-11-01 07:32]

The first time it happened, an elderly Beijinger gently but firmly pressed his hand across my chest and pushed me back to safety. (Thank you, kind stranger.) Later, I did the same thing when an obvious newcomer stepped from the curb to cross the street when the light turned green.

On own road to green revolution

[2010-10-08 15:05]

Smog blurred the skyline on Oct 6 morning as I opened the curtain of my hotel room in Tianjin. The day was hot and stifling; the heat and CO2 seemed to be trapped beneath a blanket of smog.

City plugs into green energy

[2010-09-30 11:30]

In an effort to build a low-carbon economy, Guangzhou on Wednesday unveiled 34 energy efficient projects, amounting to a total planned investment of 250 billion yuan ($37.37 billion).

Packaging reflects changing tastes

[2010-09-22 09:08]

For centuries, it was the quintessential symbol of China's Mid-Autumn Festival, but in recent years it has become a calling card of waste, extravagance and obsequiousness.

Education needed in cultivating green senses

[2010-09-09 16:48]

Education is fundamental and is the long-term solution to cultivate people's green living senses, Young-Woo Park, an official with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) said on Tuesday.

China World Hotel: Meeting in the green

[2010-08-14 15:17]

One major hotel in Beijing has created a program that will reduce the hotel's carbon emissions while also benefiting the community.

Green: Distinctive way of working

[2010-06-21 11:32]

Cynthia Johnson said her company is taking various measures to reduce emissions and decrease its carbon footprint. The infrastructure and facilities in the offices reflect that commitment.

'Queen of quirk' lives a low carbon life

[2010-05-24 07:59]

Zhou Xun, who has collected a host of "best actress" awards at China's film festivals, was recently handed a new title by the United Nations and hopes the next thing she is known for is her green lifestyle.