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Pollution 'to ease in five to 10 years'

[2013-11-05 23:57]

China's air pollution problem will be alleviated in five to 10 years, the country's top climate change negotiator said on Tuesday.

Blue air-quality alert for Beijing

[2013-11-01 20:26]

Air quality in Beijing will be at hazardous levels on Friday, according to a blue alert issued by the city's government on Thursday.

Study shows PM1 air pollution is most harmful

[2013-10-28 00:30]

A recent study led by Chinese scientists shows a strong link between smaller air pollution particles and a range of serious health conditions.

Air pollution a scourge

[2013-10-21 07:11]

Never has Beijing had such a severe contingency plan for serious air pollution. But it is a must.

Pollution creates risk for kids and the elderly

[2013-10-19 07:54]

Despite Wang Zhangyi's excitement for a school-organized autumn outing on Friday, a trip he had been looking forward to for weeks, his mother was nothing but reluctant and anxious.

Fewer cars for cleaner air

[2013-10-18 09:22]

Some 80% of public vehicles and half of private cars will be banned from Beijing's roads on days of serious air pollution, the city government said on Thursday. Capitals work together on pollution

Beijing to reduce traffic during serious pollution

[2013-10-18 08:37]

The Beijing Municipal Government will soon issue an emergency response program requiring alternate driving days for cars with even- and odd-numbered license plates in case of lingering smog.

Cooking fumes debated as cause of pollution

[2013-10-16 08:46]

Fumes let off during cooking at home can be linked with respiratory issues, including cancer, but more research needs to be done to determine the effect on air pollution levels, according to medical and cooking experts.

Road to clean air starts with new energy vehicles

[2013-10-13 23:36]

According to the capital's five-year Clear Air Action Plan unveiled in September, authorities aim to cut annual gasoline and diesel fuel consumption in 2017 by 5 percent of 2012 levels.

Environmental bureau refutes effect of cooking on pollution

[2013-10-10 20:45]

Beijing has disputed a municipal government official's claim that residents' cooking contributes a large share of the city's PM2.5 pollution.

Reliving bicycle kingdom

[2013-10-10 08:55]

Dressing up in retro style, bicycle enthusiasts ride their two wheels to show their support for Car-Free Day. Xu Junqian joins the fun event in Shanghai.

Beijing residents urged to cook environmentally

[2013-10-10 08:55]

Beijing residents are urged by authorities to participate in the city's air pollution control plan as smoke from their kitchens contributes a lot to the problem.

Car Free Day to fight air pollution

[2013-09-22 16:59]

More than 150 Chinese cities including Beijing observed World Car Free Day on Sunday to fight air pollution.

Immediate action to clean worsening air

[2013-09-12 21:50]

Amid heavily polluted air in Beijing on Thursday, China issued a plan to tackle the country's worsening air pollution.

Beijing unveils clean air action plan

[2013-09-12 18:54]

Beijing municipal authorities unveiled on Thursday a five-year plan to improve air quality.

Beijing spends big on sidewalk, bicycle-lane work

[2013-08-19 21:22]

Beijing is spending about 30 million yuan this year to improve the capital's sidewalks and bicycle lanes, and keep them free of motor vehicles.

Beijing's 1,000 electric taxis could help smog

[2013-08-06 13:38]

Beijing is expected to have more than 1,000 electric taxis by the end of this year which will help reduce emissions in the city.

Ozone adds to dangers of pollutants

[2013-08-01 07:42]

Ozone has become a major air pollutant in addition to fine particles, posing an even higher risk, according to a report released on Wednesday.

Smoggy Beijing to lay more greenways

[2013-07-31 11:12]

China's capital city will build 1,000 kilometers of greenways in the coming five years to ease air pollution, the Beijing municipal government said.

Carbon offsets offer rewards

[2013-07-29 07:17]

Shenzhen is planning to allow more than 3 million tons of Chinese Certified Emission Reductions, a year to enter its carbon trading market in the period 2013 to 2015.