Riches from Russia with love

Updated: 2012-03-02 09:45

By He Na and Han Junhong (China Daily)

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Riches from Russia with love

The success of village traders in Russia has also brought drawbacks, though, such as the lack of people to work in the surrounding farmlands. [Photo / China Daily]

Bring it back

With labor export now a pillar industry for Shulan, officials are attempting to persuade successful traders to invest some of their wealth back into their native communities and help others.

"Sihe's model is not easy to copy," said Dong Yanguang, director of Shulan's employment office. "We need to still encourage labor export, but we also need those who have become rich to come back and spend money here."

The city has introduced several preferential policies to achieve that goal, which had led so far to 767 original inhabitants returning and establishing 563 enterprises. With a combined investment of 600 million yuan, almost 8,000 new jobs have been created.

Yet, it is the success stories of villagers in Russia that are getting more attention from young people, especially in Sihe.

With their options still limited largely to working in fields, cadres expect to see even more pack their bags for trips across the border in coming years.

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Riches from Russia with love

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