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Recording history

[2017-12-02 10:23]

Hou Bo, born in 1924, is a Chinese photographer who was among the best known photographers of Mao Zedong. She died in Beijing at 10 pm on Nov 26 at the age of 93.

Crafting a future for traditional arts

[2017-12-02 09:49]

As the traditional arts enjoy something of a renaissance, innovation remained the buzzword at the recent World Leisure Expo in Hangzhou.

On his majesty's service, and at his mercy

[2017-11-25 10:38]

Missionaries in China from the 16th century had royal reins placed on their work.

Inspired by Chinese ink

[2017-11-25 07:50]

An installation by artist Ma Wen on display in Beijing pays tribute to what has been the main medium of expression and communication for centuries in China.

Rain of light

[2017-11-25 07:50]

A stunning piece of architecture in its own right, the newly opened Louvre Abu Dhabi is already proving itself as a cultural oasis to rival any museum in the world.

Men on a mission

[2017-11-25 10:24]

Jesuits who arrived in China to preach the gospel between the 16th and 19th centuries left an indelible mark on the country, and it was there that they spent the rest of their natural lives.

Grilled beef that simply melts in the mouth

[2017-11-18 10:33]

A Japanese chef unlocks the secrets to locking in the flavor of a wagyu cut

Reunion with a difference

[2017-11-18 09:49]

On a chilly autumn night in Beijing, Ye Bei and a group of musician friends meet to celebrate Ye's latest album with a concert

Night belongs to the young-and so does the sound

[2017-11-18 09:35]

Ten years ago just 10 music festivals were held in China. How things have changed

How great thou art

[2017-11-18 09:04]

Rich business people with a taste for the likes of a Picasso or a Van Gogh are ensuring that their expensive collections are available to the masses

1840: Why the 19th-century opium wars between imperial China and Britain are still relevant in modern China

[2017-11-11 09:02]

In his speech at the opening of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China in October, President Xi Jinping said ancient China was a great nation. But things changed after the opium war of 1840, he added.

Land of the peach blossom beckons once more

[2017-11-04 11:01]

A new art center is providing a cultural fillip to a small city.

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