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Fanatic extreme marathon runner shares his running tips

( Updated: 2016-04-27 14:53

Fanatic extreme marathon runner shares his running tips

Chen Penbin, right, runs with Han Geng, a Chinese singer and actor, in the 2015 file photo. [Photo/IC]


Chen says that a feeling of rhythm is very important to runners. When training, one should put emphasis on a balanced speed, avoiding sudden speed-ups and slow-downs, especially for long-distance runs.

Besides, runners must keep an eye on their heart-rate changes, care about how their body feels, and not run if they meet with difficulties.

Different speeds suit different people, and you should avoid comparing with others.

"People are usually comfortable at a heart rate of 140 to 155 per minute, and get tired when it goes higher than 155. I feel unwell when my heart rate gets to 170 per minute."

How to train

Chen doesn't suggest starters to run fast at the very beginning, but to start with walking, maybe for 20 to 30 minutes a day, and then add time step by step. After that, you can gain speed to run, going further and faster gradually.

"Don't mind how long or far you run. Instead, you should pay attention to questions like if your breaths are stable and if the heartbeat is getting too fast. If you don't feel good, stop, or at least, slow down."

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