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Is tipping a mark of civilization?

( Updated: 2016-04-15 10:19

TedM (UK)

A "gift" for good service rendered has always been gratefully received. When that "gift" becomes compulsory, or given before the services are given and thereby becoming a bribe, it loses its value. Tips therefore should be entirely discretionary and given for a good reason after the service is given.

Sometimes tips are used to supplement a low wage. An employer will deliberately pay less because the worker will get tips to make up the difference. This leads to coercion and a customer feeling guilty if a gratuity is not offered. Tipping has therefore become a form of cheating or corruption that is not civilized and should not be copied by any developing nation. Therefore, a civilized country does not encourage tipping.

Is tipping a mark of civilization?

People eat at a Chinese restaurant, in the Chinatown, Mexico City, capital of Mexico, May 13. [Photo/xinhua]

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