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My letter to Premier Li Keqiang

By jaseminsibo ( Updated: 2016-01-06 14:36

Do not conform, do not follow the crowd but stand out and be proud of your own unique identity!

In the next 5 years, I'd like to see China solidifying her core foundations i.e. literature, arts, culture, education, Chinese language and Confucius based teachings in family unity and collectivism. These should never be removed, as they form the backbone of China. If any one of these elements are removed then China will lose a limb. She will be crippled and will not be able to withstand global forces and competition. This is Sun Tzu art of war at play. Implement the rich knowledge that is stored within your minds.

Once her core is solidified, then innovation and creativity comes in to complement these very Chinese cores. Complement, not replace. Complement means to add value without changing the substance of China. If it erodes the core, it is a parasite and should be quickly thrown away. Time will be a true test. Keep your friends close...but enemies closer. Time reveals all things.

These innovations should certainly include modern technology, digital media, new philosophies and modern art. Why? There is strength in numbers, and China is strong in leading her population. However this should not be taken for granted as people can easily access the Internet and be exposed to all sorts of good and bad information.

A leader's role is to provide a nurturing and 'governed' environment to always ensure her citizens are safe. At the same time give them enough freedom to explore and develop their own identity. This will then truly propel China to a knowledge-based economy at par with a 1st world status. The Yuan has already been accepted by the IMF in the SDR currency basket. Leverage on this very important positioning. Hit the iron whilst it is hot!

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